All over the bay area we are getting report of grubs!  White grub season is in the fall. These little white grubs will attract  skunks and raccoons to your property.  Skunks and Raccoons will  tear up your lawn looking for the grubs….It can get really messy.  We can treat for them this year, but we always recommend a preventative treatment done in the spring to control them before they get bad.  Grubs are actually the larvae of June Bugs and we get into some more detains about them here.  While these have probably been in your landscape since July, it becomes a problem in fall when the grubs come to surface.  Then not only weaken the roots of your lawn, but raccoons, skunks and moles find them to be very tasty treat and will destroy your turf looking for them.  You’ll notice it rolls or tears up easily from the damage the grubs are already doing. One of the work parts about it is that raccoons and skunks remember where they have had good feedings night after night and year after year, they even teach their babies; this means that if you don’t break the cycle of grubs in your landscape your likely to see this damage year after year.  As we talked about before, they can be treated and killed this year, but treating in spring guarantees they will never mature and get to a stage that attracts moles, raccoons or skunks. Call us if you see a problem and need some help!

these attract raccoons and skunks

White Grubs

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Raccoon and Skunk Damage from looking for grubs