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Tree, Shrub, & Ground Cover Program

Protecting your prized landscape can be a very demanding and technical job. Our Tree, Shrub and Ground Cover Care Service is designed to help protect your plants from damaging insects and diseases. In addition, we will supply your plants with the proper nutrients to produce healthy leaf and flower development. Above all, we will make sure your lawn stays beautiful and healthy.

Lawn Care

  • We scout your landscape plant material with each visit to identify plant and pest problems
  • Granular fertilizers are applied to shrubs, ground covers, and trees as needed though the growing season.*
  • Deep root feed select trees and shrubs
  • Apply insect and disease control treatments as needed to keep your plants thriving
  • Snail and Slug control
  • Dormant season treatment in January/February on roses, fruit trees and other select trees  and shrubs to control over-wintering insects and diseases. (Additional treatments may be recommended for certain trees at an additional cost.)
  • Eight regular visits per year

*trees taller than 25 feet are not included in this program & some may require additional treatments that are not included in the tree, shrub and ground cover care program*