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About Gingrich Horticulture

Gingrich Horticulture Service is the Plant Health Care and Gopher Control Company of the East Bay. Gingrich Horticulture’s GOPHER TEAM receives recognition for its expert mole and vole removal along many other harmful garden pests.

Founded in 1999 as a family owned and operated company, our goal is to work with home owners to keep their landscape plants healthy and beautiful. As we add members to our team, we maintain small company values, basing our success on the satisfaction of our customers. Because our employees receive continuing education in arboriculture and horticulture, we like to share our knowledge with our customers.  This allows us to work with them or their gardeners to maintain their healthy landscape.

Gingrich Horticulture Service utilizes a variety of integrated pest management (IPM) techniques.  We work to create sustainable garden environments for residential and commercial clients. In addition to controlling insects, Our Gopher Team also expertly controls gophers, moles and voles.  Our technique for controlling ground squirrels is also unique and remarkably safe. Additionally, the company also provides lawn, tree, shrub, and ground cover care.

Gingrich Horticulture Service’s customer-oriented business approach has been an important part of its ongoing success. Our goal is to give every client their money’s worth, and if they don’t feel that way, we want to know about it.  We’re also very knowledgeable about the technical aspects of the industry and we utilize our expertise to develop thriving gardens.

Gingrich Horticulture Service is known for its focus on plant health care and gopher control. Plant healthcare includes fertilizing based on its specific needs and ensuring its surroundings is optimal for long-term success. We work hard to make sure every plant is as healthy as possible. ͞We also eliminate pests like gophers and moles using environmentally-friendly methods. We’re always looking for the best ways to optimize the health of our customers’ gardens. And our customer satisfaction and service quality stand out for themselves to show the effort we put in!


  • They're the people to go to when you want to take care of everything that's alive in your yard.

    John B.

  • John is great with horticulture, as far as diagnosing tree problems. John Gingrich is great, absolutely great.

    David S.


Our team of experts will work side-by-side with you to offer the best solutions for your project.

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    John Gingrich

    John Gingrich founded Gingrich Horticulture Service with his wife Dianne in 1999.  At first it was just the two of them working together to serve the East Bay by keeping plants and landscapes healthy.  John has always run this company as a small, family owned company that puts the customers first.  He values what his clients think and will always do what he can to make every situation right.

    John has a long history in the field of horticulture and arboriculture, graduation from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a degree in Horticulture years ago.  He has maintained active in the field and participates in continuing education yearly to remain as knowledgeable and helpful as possible. John has been described as a walking encyclopedia, especially when diagnosing and treating tree and plants in landscapes.  With his passion for the field and commitment to himself and his clients he has a wealth of knowledge to offer our customers to improve landscapes.

  • Brandon t
    Field Technician

    Brandon Thrasher

    Brandon Thrasher has several years of experience in nurseries and in our industry.  His extensive plant knowledge has been an asset to our customer and their gardens.  Brandon works hard to ensure that the best plants are and put in prime places for success.  He is knowledgeable about what plants are supposed to look like and what they are not supposed to look like.  He can quickly Identify and address issues that pop up on gardens and on plants throughout the year and the many cycles plants go through. He is caring and careful about the work he does, always holding himself to a standard of excellence that is sure to impress.  Brandon has chosen to pursue attaining his own QAL license and improve his safety knowledge.  He has a true passion for learning and enjoys passing what he know on to those around him.

    As Brandon continues to grow and learn more, he is able to provide an increasing quality of service to our customers.  He is committed to Gingrich Horticulture and his own  improvement which will continue to lead to his success.

  • William Walker, Field Supervisor
    Field Supervisor

    William Walker

    William, who often goes by BJ, was John’s first employee when he founded this company.  William has been with Gingrich Horticulture for close to 15 years, working closely with John and remaining steady through the growth and change in the company.  He has chosen to pursue his own certification in arboriculture, and now has years of experience diagnosing and treating trees in our customers yards.  William not only pursues his certification on his own, but he is also committed to furthering his knowledge through continued education every year.

    William has a strong commitment to Gingrich Horticulture and its values, including a high priority on customer satisfaction.  He leads the team of technician in their service while maintain his own route of customers. His wealth of knowledge continues to grow as he approaches 20 years with Gingrich Horticulture Service.