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Our Gopher Team offer both one time services and on-going programs.

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Gopher Team Annual Service Agreement

Gopher, Mole and Vole Control Program

  • Routine Visits: Since pesky gophers, moles, and voles cannot be prevented from returning to wreak havoc on your beautiful landscapes throughout the year, this program includes 8 regular visits a year that occur every 6 weeks. During these visits, our Gopher Team will walk the included areas and treat for any gophers, moles, or voles that we find in all irrigated areas in the summer and entire landscaped areas in the winter. If we have access to open space adjacent to your property, it is safe for our technicians, and we are allowed, we will treat into the open space about 20ft for gophers during the wet months to help control them before they reach your yard.
  • Unlimited Service Calls: Any time new activity is seen in between our routine visits, all you have to do is let us know and we will return to service your property at no additional charge.
  • Fixed Price: We will estimate the total cost of servicing your property for a full year at a flat rate and break it down into smaller installments. This way services are easily payable each month. There is no additional charge for the setup or catching of any new gophers, moles, or voles on your property for the year. Our Gopher Team will remove as many gophers, moles and voles on your property as we see to keep your garden protected and beautiful!