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Arborist Consultations

We currently have a Certified Master Arborist and Horticulturist that we refer out for consultations. Please call our office at 925-676-6021 for more details.

It is always a good idea to to know the health status of the trees in your landscape and to keep up to date on the health of your other plants to maintain a thriving garden!

Like any plant, a tree establishes a root system to draw in nutrients and anchor the tree in the soil. The root system can span three to seven times the width of the canopy.  Good, aerated, nutritious soil lets the roots grow deeper, while trees planted in poor soil develop a shallow root system that does not allow the tree the deep anchor it needs to sustain storms.

Trees need regular checkups to ensure they are healthy–stable, strong, and able to ward off pests and disease. If your trees are showing signs of stress, a deep-root feeding is the best way to start bringing them back to good health.

Deep-root feeding should be a part of your tree maintenance that includes surface fertilization, regular trimming and pruning, and removal of trees when necessary.

When you have young trees in your yard, they might need fertilizer. Poor soil, insects, and disease can cause your trees to be unhealthy. A certified arborist will diagnose any issues with your trees and ensure you have the proper soil for healthy growth. Mature trees might suffer from deep root issues because they were initially planted too deep.

Please call for more information on this service at 925-676-6021