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White Grub Control

White grubs are the larvae of June bugs or Scarab Beetles. These beetles lay their eggs on lawns typical in May or June each year, hence the name June bugs. The larvae of these beetles are root feeders. Soon after the larvae hatch they start heading down through the grass and thatch layer. Eventually, they reach the lawn to the roots of the turf and live there feeding very happily on the roots of the grass for several months.

When they are mature-–¬†Around September/October in the Bay area, they can be up to one inch long, fat and juicy. They are a delicacy for moles, raccoons, and skunks. Because the white grubs feed on the roots of the grass, the lawn can fold back easily. ¬†So, when the raccoons come for a meal they have no problem find them, and the white grubs become dinner for your unwanted visitor. And the animals can remember where they had a good feed year after year, so they will keep coming back.

If you find your lawn folded back, immediately put it back in place and water it. This will help stop your lawn from dying out and reduce the possibility of it dying. The raccoons or skunks will return to lawns where they have found white grubs in past years. The lawns can be treated for white grubs in September and October but the best time to treat the lawn is in spring when the eggs are laid so they never mature. Give Gingrich Horticulture Service a call at 925-676-6021 and we will come out and assess the damage. We can treat the grubs there and then for you and soon your unwanted visitors will stop coming around. Treatment of white grubs is also included in our Lawn Care Program annually.