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Additional Pest Services

Pests comes in all shapes and sizes.  Things like white grubs, aphids, borers, and many more can all have affect on your landscapes even when you can’t see the insect itself. The harm these animals may cause can be very visible but it can usually be treated for complete control if we can catch it early.  Additionally, we all can see the damage gophers can cause if left uncontrolled.  For instance, they can eat the roots of you plants and leave large piles of dirt all over the landscape.

Because of this, we offer one time services for many pests, but many are also taken care of in programs that we offer.  For instance, grub control is included in our Lawn Care Program  and aphids are often controlled within our Tree, Shrub and Ground Cover Program. Gopher, Mole and Voles are controlled within our Gopher, Mole and Vole Control Program which includes regular service visits and free service calls. We also offer these additional Services like the ones noted below.


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