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Grub Season is Approaching!

We are beginning to get into the time of year where grubs are at their most appealing size to predators like raccoons and boars. This is also when these grubs will begin eating the roots of your lawns, leading to dead patches of grass that can be peeled back like carpet.

Example of grub damage – you can see how the nearby grass is yellowing and dying and the upper layer has been rolled back:


Examples of raccoon and boar damage – raccoons will dig and pull up small sections while boars can destroy entire lawns:

    Grub damage


If you have already done your annual preventative grub treatment you should see minimal (if any) damage this year but please keep in mind that we cannot prevent predators from searching for food – especially if they have successfully found food there in previous years. You can place fruit netting down to prevent raccoons from digging at the lawn but not much will deter boars unfortunately.

If you are enrolled in our ongoing Lawn Care Program then you will have already received the preventative treatment but we can come out to do additional treatments this fall if needed!

If you are seeing more than 4 grubs per square foot in your lawn then we highly recommend giving us a call!