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Perennials-It’s time to divide!

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The Time to Divide Perennials is Here!

        February is best the time to divide your parent plants, before they resume growth.

To do this, start by digging up the perennial plant with your spade. Then, carefully remove the plant from the soil, discarding loose dirt. The next step can be done several different ways; you can carefully tease the roots apart by hand, sever with a sharp spade, or place two forks in the center of the clump, back to back, and pull the forks apart. Make sure that your new divisions each have a few sturdy shoots and healthy bunch of roots. Make sure you handle this on a cloudy or overcast day to prevent sun damage or dehydration.

  • Perennials are plants that grow back annually.
  • Dividing a single plant into multiple plants improves perennials growth rate and allows for more light.
  • When perennials are divided, there is more space for roots to grow and absorb nutrients and water.
  • Dividing perennials aids managing the size of the plant.
  • You will have more plants of the same kind to add to your garden when you divide a perennial. The more the merrier!

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